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Manufacturer: Nissan
Series: C210
Model: Skyline
Transmission: 5 Speed
Used from: 1980
To: 1980
Engine Size: 2.4L
Engine ID: L24
Dimensions: 225 x 24T x 25.5mm
Cover Assembly: 900-518
Clutch Plate: R8902W
Bearing: GSB335
Flywheel: FLAT
Spigot: Bush-520
Price: 175.00
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About this product


Best suited for normal street driving and mainly unmodified vehicles,

Features a lightly uprated pressure plate which will have between

10-15% more clamp load over standard specifications, this kit is

Paired with an organic lined clutch plate with sprung center and modulation

Between the linings for smooth engagement and drivability.


**Better Clamp Load.

**Smoother Engagement.

**Better Torque Holding Capacity by 10-15%

**Co-Efficient of lining friction material 0.25